It all started when a curious marketing intern with a decent amount of artistic ability asked a professional graphic artist, “Okay, so how do you get it from an idea to reality?” This sparked thoughts and a thirst for knowledge that hasn’t yet been quenched. Now in its 8th year J. BUGG ltd. is still learning, and creating, and is in a position to be able to teach and help those others who want to know, ‘how do you get it from an idea to reality?’ At J. BUGG, ideas become reality every day, if its a website for your non-profit, graphics for your promotional campaign, designs for apparel, or printed products like business cards for your new company, we can get you covered and we stand by our motto, “making your first impression last.” We do that for you, the customer, every day, and it feels awesome!

We have been blessed to work on a variety of projects for up-start businesses, schools, universities, churches, and major corporations. We give everyone our full attention and our hottest work. We realize that without customers, this is just a hobby, so we take our craft seriously, but we have fun doing it!

Our services are vast, we have been blessed to expand in several directions within 10 years. Some of our current and new endeavors are listed below.

Members of the JBUGG Ltd. Family:

Host You NOW!
Web hosting services: Domain Name, Hosting, email accounts, SSL Certificates, etc (just like Godaddy, but cooler!)

Halls & Yard Clothing
Upscale Apparel

T-Shirt Sharks
Individual t-shirt production (small orders welcome) (site coming soon)

Yoga Mat production, customized, or standard. varied thicknesses weights, yoga blocks, apparel (site coming soon)